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We've always loved cheese. About 5 years ago we were listening to The Good Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 which happened to be from The British Cheese Awards. As they announced the winners from the various categories we studiously wrote down each name with a view to trying out these wonderous cheeses. Within a few days it became apparent that many (if not most) were from small, Artisan producers and certainly not available in local supermarkets. Some could be found in specialist cheese shops, which in our case was a 40 minute drive away ... and we were pretty fortunate to have one so close! Within a few weeks we decided to open our own cheese shop in the lovely town of Wetherby and to supply those less fortunate (but equally discerning) by post. So, no matter where you live in the UK you can now buy glorious cheese, along with a few other carefully selected goodies online. Now entering our 5th year of trading we have learned a lot about buying and keeping cheese so that it reaches you in perfect condition. Happy shopping!

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